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Welcome to It’s Your Tan

It's Your Tan Storefront

Greetings from Danielle and Wayne. When we bought the salon in 2002, our goal was to give our customers a cool, comfortable, convenient and responsible place to tan. We are very passionate about what we do. We do tanning and we do it better than anyone else. Our customers get the best we have to offer with our quality and our prices. We are the best tanning value guaranteed. We are conveniently located at 117 North Mission Street in Wenatchee, and you don’t need appointments with us, we are here for you at your convenience. Open seven days a week, so you can come by just about anytime.

Our lobby

There has been tanning at our address for over 30 years, and has always been locally owned. We are a part of this community and love giving our customers that healthy bronze glow we all love. Education is the key to just about everything. At It’s Your Tan we urge our customers to get the facts about tanning and sun exposure, that’s one of the reasons we created this website. We’ve all heard the old wives tales and horror stories about sun burns. We agree burning is very bad, but, at our salon we will tan you, not burn you.

Our new downstairs

We go to great lengths to make sure we have top of the line bulbs and responsible staff to ensure a safe and healthy tanning experience. Take the time to go to some of our links and get the facts about tanning and the benefits of Vitamin D. Tanning and sun exposure are one of the few ways to get Vitamin D and we all need it, like we need water. Arm yourself with education and don’t let yourself be scared out of the sun.