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Our Tanning Beds

We commit to offering only the very best with our Wolff system bulbs. Wolff industries created indoor tanning back in the 1980’s and have been improving on their technology ever since. We are proud to offer Wolff system exclusively in our salon because we want to give our customers only the best. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we can tan just about any skin type. We offer everything from a 24 bulb low pressure bed to a high pressure guaranteed not to burn bed. We have something for everyone.

Rejuvasun Tanning Bed

REJUVASUN WITH OMNILUX TECHNOLOGY: This bed combines a great 20 minute tanning with expert, FDA cleared LED light therapy. Customers can tan at one time, body tan and rejuvenate their face at one time, or rejuvenate at one time. It is the only system offering both red light waves at 633 nm and near-infrared light waves at 830 nm, proven to be the most effective program for skin improvement. Others make claims but do not have the approvals and research to back up those claims.

Q-5 Tanning Bed

THE Q-5: For those who like it hot!! The new Q-5 offers 120 watt bulbs and a 20 minute maximum tanning time, with two 500 watt high pressure facial tanning lamps.

Megga-Megga Tanning Bed

MEGGA-MEGGA: A large 40 bulb bed with high pressure facial lamps filtered thru cobalt filters to eliminate the harmful rays. 15 minute maximum tanning time.

Mini-Megga Tanning Bed

MINI-MEGGA: A medium size 30 bulb bed with a 20 minute maximum tanning time.

Ultrabronz Tanning Bed

ULTRABRONZ ECLIPSE 818 HIGH PRESSURE: The most powerful high pressure tanning bed in north central Washington. It has eighteen 1000 watt halogen lamps filtered thru cobalt filters to eliminate harmful rays. GUARANTEED NOT TO BURN. 30 minute tanning session.